Monday, February 8, 2010


This is the first post on 240 Baseball Stars, a blog that I will be using to chronicle my efforts to assemble a complete set of 1933 Goudey baseball cards. The set was issued in 1933 by the Goudey Gum Company of Boston and consisted of 239 cards, numbered 1 - 240 (more on the missing card #106 in a future post). As evidenced by the name, the Goudey Gum Company produced chewing gum and one baseball card was included with each pack of gum.

I have decided to collect a set that is graded by Sportscard Guaranty, LLC ("SGC") of Parsippany, NJ because I believe that they are the most accurate and consistent third-party grading company. So far, I have about 10 percent of the cards in the set. A link to my 1933 Goudey SGC Registry set is included in the links list. If you follow the link, you can view my progress and see images of all of the cards in my set. As I acquire cards, I will post about them and provide some information about the player featured on the card.

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  1. Keith:

    I like the start of your blog. I navigated to your blog from the SGC message board.

    I too have a blog where I am tracking my T205 collection, my collection of baseballs in their original boxes, and Baseball HOF autographs. I do it to share my passion with other collectors, and to have a digital record of my collection should, God forbid, anything ever happen to them.

    I will be following your blog here. If you care to check out my blog, go here: