Friday, February 12, 2010

#88 Russell "Red" Rollings

I received #88 Russell "Red" Rollings (SGC 60) in the mail today from an eBay purchase. I particularly like the art on this card - it pictures Rollings in an action pose, set against a vibrant red background. I like how the circular Goudey Gum Company copyright logo, which is typically placed in the lower left or lower right corner of the card, had to be placed on Rollings's jersey so that it would be visible. The card is a solid 60, with good centering and a clean surface.

Red Rollings, from Mobile, Alabama, was primarily a third basemen, who also saw action at second base, first base, and outfield. He played for the Boston Red Sox in 1927-28 and the Boston Braves in 1930, totaling 184 games and 355 at-bats in his major league career. The inclusion of Rollings illustrates one of the interesting aspects of the '33 Goudey set, in that it featured many minor league players, much like the T206 set. In 1933, Rollings was already out of the major leagues for two years and was playing for the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern Association. He would continue to play in the minor leagues until 1941, managing his team for three of those seasons.

In his major league career, Rollings put up a .251/.311/.299 line. Goudey describes him on the back of the card as a "dangerous man at bat in a pinch" - he had a .350 batting average as a pinch hitter in the majors. He was a career .316 hitter in the minor leagues.

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