Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Babe Ruth, part II

In a previous post, I discussed my ongoing search for a low grade Babe Ruth card in my price range to add to my 1933 Goudey set. When I decided to start upgrading the quality of my set, I sold off a lot of lower grade cards, which allowed me to build up a modest war chest to pursue a Ruth. I finally landed one this morning.

I bought a #181, which is the seated Ruth with the green background. I prefer the #149 (red batting pose) or #53 (yellow batting pose), but they were consistently way too expensive, unless I wanted one that had serious problems, such as paper loss or tape stains. My #181 is graded a 1.5 (Fair) by BVG (Beckett Vintage Grading). Based on the images posted by the seller, it looks like it should easily cross to an SGC 20 and may have an outside shot at bumping half a grade to an SGC 30.

Once I receive the card, I'll post a scan, as well as another scan once it is in an SGC holder.

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  1. Keith:

    Great score on the Ruth! I'm looking for '34 Gehrig (close-up of the face) to add to my collection. I just LOVE that card! Can't wait to see your Ruth!