Thursday, February 18, 2010

#181 Babe Ruth

Here's an image of my #181 Babe Ruth, which arrived in the mail today. I will be submitting it to SGC for crossover in the next few days. I like the appearance of the BVG holder even less than the PSA holder, so it will be nice to see it in an SGC holder. It looks like a solid SGC 20 to me. There are surface wrinkles and a fairly heavy crease that runs about an inch from the bottom border. The other major issue is the stain below Ruth's name. But the image of Ruth is very sharp, the colors are vibrant, and all of the text on the back of the card is legible.

I'm going to be using many of these blog posts to briefly profile the players that are featured on the cards that I add to my set. I'm pretty sure that such a blurb on Ruth would be pointless, as anyone who would read this blog is already familiar with Ruth's exploits. So, instead, I'll post the text from the back of the card, which is pretty great:

"One of the keenest students of baseball, New York Yankees Home Run Star. He is also one of the hardest men to pitch to in the game. Box men say you can fool him on a certain ball once, but the next time he gets it, he is apt to hit it out of the park. Before starring as a home run hitter, was rated as one of the best pitchers in the American League. Born in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 7, 1894, Ruth is a left hander, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds."

I'm not familiar with the term "box men." Could it refer to the catcher, who would be calling the pitches?

I'll post an image of the card in an SGC holder once I cross it over.

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